Chia PetChia Pets are a brand of collectible animal figurines originated by the California-based company Joseph Enterprises Inc. Chia Pets are animal-shaped clay figures covered with chia, a simple herb, where the chia sprouts resemble the animal's fur. Chia Pets achieved widespread popularity in the 1980s with their kitschy television commercials and good holiday retail placement.

Chia is just the right brand for holiday seasonal games as lotteries can tie the variety of Chia Pet characters to different holiday scenes. For example, featuring the Chia bunny on an Easter themed ticket comes to life under the "Hoppin' Chia" name. A scary Chia cat figurine on a "Spooky Chia" lottery ticket makes for the perfect Halloween theme. With this brand, the popular "Ch-ch-ch-Chia" jingle is available for lotteries to use free of charge in their broadcast advertising.

Plant some new ideas with your next instant game offering by adding Chia.

Game Concepts

Chia PetAlchemy3 has a number of different scratch ticket designs that amplify the Chia Pet brand. We have conceptualized a number of promotional support strategies to further leverage the equity of Chia for your program. In addition to traditional scratch ticket themes, Chia Pet can be utilized to attract more players to your draw and numbers games. Our interactive products can be designed to engage existing and introduce new draw game players to your base.