New Mexico Lottery Launches its Next Thriller: Chia Pet® Zombie Scratchers*

Roswell, Ga. (September 9, 2016) – Be on the lookout, because New Mexico Lottery “Chia Pet® Zombie” Scratchers™ are rising up at a retailer near you.

The new Chia Pet® Zombie Scratcher game features top prizes of $1,000 and two scenes inspired by Chia Pet® Zombie planters – “Dragging Drew” and “Lifeless Lisa.” This new game is the first of four releases of Chia Pet® Scratchers. They’ll return – not as Zombies – but as other icons during the upcoming holidays: a tree for Christmas, a leprechaun for St. Patty’s day and a bunny next spring.

The Chia Pet® revolution hit its stride in the 80’s following the 1981 release of a ram, the first widely marketed Chia Pet® – likely made memorable with the “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia” jingle. By 2007, about half a million Chia Pets® were produced each year during the holidays. The range of options has sprouted beyond animals and now includes cartoons and political icons.

While zombies have always been popular, their recent starring roles in various TV and movie hits have embedded them in pop culture. “Zombies are cool and Chia Pet® is a fun brand that generates smiles. It seemed like a perfect combo for Halloween and we hope that it attracts new players,” said Karla Wilkinson, Director of Gaming Products.

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Licensing rights for Chia Pet® has been obtained from Alchemy3, LLC. Chia Pet® is a registered trademark of Joseph Enterprises, Inc. and Joseph Enterprises, Inc. gives permission for this use.

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